Halo CE - Halo Anticheat 2 Alpha Showcase [HD]

Author: StormUndBlackbird
Halo Anticheat 2 by Btcc22 is a game-changing mod supporting all versions of both Halo CE and Halo PC. With this mod, you are able to do the following: 00:17 - Map Downloading (works with map cycles too)
02:07 - Rapid load times (starts Halo under ten seconds)
02:43 - Increased draw distance (able to see entire landscapes such as hugeass)
03:48 - Doubled BSP poly limit (more detailed maps)
04:22 - In-game BSP poly budget display (shows the poly rate)
05:06 - Automated version changing (fixes "Client is older than the server")
05:55 - Unified server list (see all servers from all versions in the server browser)
06:46 - Field of view modifier
09:34 - In-game server bookmarks/favourites
11:31 - Quick server information copying (copies the server IP to your clipboard)
12:07 - Devmode Toggle (No need for third party apps anymore) More features will come in the next releases. so until then, subscribe to me for that. Author: Btcc22 (a fine gentleman)

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