HCE (Custom Edition) Trailer 2

Author: ItsLiquidSnake
A new halo ce trailer made by me...This one has better escenes than the last trailer, enjoy!. Go to hce.halomaps.org to find maps, utilities, tags, editing tools and the Halo Custom Edition game. This game was released by (Gearbox software©) and is free to download, however, you must have a valid ''Halo Combat Evolved'' CD key in order to instal it. Here is the list with the user-created map names in the order as they appear in the video: 00:06 -Extinction
00:18 -Covenant War v1.0
00:26 -Greatwar Hopeless Battle (Single player)
00:36 -Halo Combat Evolved campaing mission.
00:38 -Rainbow Road
00:40 -H3T Coagulation pb2
00:41 -Flood Eradication beta2
00:43 -H2 Coagulation
00:44 -Bang'em'high
00:46 -Coldsnap
00:47 -Valhalla Varient
00:49 -Hugeass
00:51 -Blood Gulch (Comes in the installation).
00:52 -z Sanctuary H2 pb2
00:53 -The Maw Hanger v2
00:56 -Halo Combat Evolved campaing mission.
00:59 -Timberland (Comes in the installation).
01:01 -Valhalla Varient
01:03 -CMT Snow Grove
01:06 -z Sanctuary H2 pb2
01:08 -Sidewinder (Comes in the installation).
01:09 -CMT Snow Grove
01:10 -Halo Combat Evolved campaing mission.
01:11 -Peril H3
01:12 -Halo Combat Evolved campaing mission.
01:15 -The floods
01:16 -Peril H3
01:17 -Sidewinder (Comes in the installation).
01:19 -Grunt Attack 2
01:20 -Hunter Tournament
01:22 -Wizard (Comes in the installation).
01:23 -Headlong PB2
01:28 -Coldsnap
01:30 -Tallon IV Overworld RC1
01:34 -Peril H3
01:36 -Chronopolis C3 Public Beta v0.2
01:37 -Blood Gulch (Comes in the installation).
01:38 -CMT Snow Grove
01:33 -Ambush
01:45 -Extinction
01:50 -Pillar of Autumn Destruction Halo CE © Microsoft Corporation. "HCE (Custom Edition) Trailer 2" was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo CE. It is not endorsed by Microsoft and does not reflect the views or opinions of Microsoft or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Halo CE. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.