Halo custom edition tours *SPECIAL*: GM_Flatgrass

Author: Morebangforyourbuck2
The newest edition to halo custom maps is this amazing map. Trying to imitate Gmod, you are allowed to spawn various objects, vehicles, and more with a built-in spawn menu. This map is very, very unique. Along with the normal spawn items, you can use the devmode code: object_create_anew to spawn different items. Just add: d1 d2 d3 - spawn dracos w1 w2 w3 - spawn warthogs sky - spawns a turret in the sky arwing1 arwing2 arwing3 - spawns arwings scarab - spawns a scarab Did you notice the last thing I spawned? MAGIC AFRO. It made a temple, which hides the magic afro. Be careful, as the temple is rigged with booby traps! Good luck! And have fun!