Halo Custom Edition Campaign Demise Part 2

Author: 1ovinghater
Halo Custom Edition Campaign Demise Halo Custom Edition Campaign Demise Part 2 Map created by: Polamee Story: On the surface of the planet known by the UNSC as X67G, Master Chief has been sent to eliminate an Elite Commander in charge of a Covenant Hydro Processing Plant. The Hydro Processing plant provided a third of the planet's Covenant with water. If cut off, it could delay the plans of the Covenant. MC was supposed to go there, silently, quietly, and kill the Commander and destroy the complex. However, unexpected guests arrive to the complex, and soon the whole thing turns into a full-scale war and an epic adventure. Btw on a side note, during this run i chose not to use grenades as much if it wasn't that obvious. DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW. I mae it go throught an ad site first sorry before actual download so just wait a few seconds.