Precipice Promo Video: Halo CE Map

Author: Noah Bronstein
This is the promotional video for the Halo CE map Precipice. It's been a long and interesting journey, but the map is finally ready for release. Enjoy. Filmed using Fraps, Halo Solstice, and DevCE. Edited with Adobe Premiere CS5. Map download link:
Music: "Ghosts of Reach", by Martin O'Donnell
"Arise", by ES Posthumus All Halo images, assets, and symbols are property of Bungie and Microsoft, I do not own them in any way shape or form except for the level geometry. To install and use Halo Custom Edition, follow these guides: and then There is also a newer update for 1.09, but it should update automatically ingame. Edit: Sounds like a lot of people are getting confused over the meaning of "custom lightmaps". There´╗┐ are some maps (Coldsnap for example) that have time of day options- mine, however, does not. The custom lightmaps refer to the fact that instead of letting Halo render out its typical terrible lighting, I rendered it all in 3ds max, then imported it into the game. This resulted in a far more realistic look than Halo could normally accomplish. What I think is confusing some people is the progress montages. In each set of progress shots, the first few are evolutions in the bsp, and the last two are the final level with Halo's lighting, and then finally with mine.