Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode %d: airwar

Author: TapeCity
This is the video from my beta verson. The verson on halo maps (when submitted) will be just like this but I fixed the sinking scenery vehicle problem. And NO, Dreamscape is not in the map!, just on this video. Today's map is airwar
The Map was made by: Tape City Description: This is my first map mod with custom vehicles (yay!) it is a mod of airstrike2 Game types: All work but Slayer and CTF are best. Weapons
Halo 1 Sniper Rifle
Halo 1 Rocket Launcher
Halo 2 Beam Rifle
Halo 1 Homing Missile Launcher
Chronoscepter (to see how it works on large vehicles)
Halo 1 Assualt Rifle
Halo 1 Flamethrower Vehicles
C709 Longsword: this is not the one on hugea** or extinction. I wanted one that was a little more stealth like. There was one on trepful with no sound but that one kept crashing saipen. This was the next best thing, it sounds like a warthog when flying! I found it on wingzero or was it zerowing.
Krakin: It is as big as a longsword and shoots scarab rounds. Found it on krakindemomap
Pelican: Ripped from extinction. Spirit mod: I did not mod this spirit but I wanted one with a little more fire power. It shoots scarab rounds! But it still can be destroyed :( . Found it on Searph: Looks just like the one from extinction but it is not from extinction. The plasma bomb looks better then the one on extinction. It is from rp gamma eva
Covenant Longsword: This is a new mod of the longsword I found on a new map called gunboat wars. It has a spirit skin, spirit sounds, and shoots LOTS of scarab and guntower ammo. Scenery
Same scenery plus...
Scenery lifepod
Scenery Searph
Scenery Spirit
Scenery Phantom
Scenery Hugea** jet
Scenery Coldsnap Jet
Scenery Banshee (can be destroyed)
4 Different Scenery Pelicans
Scenery Longsword
Scenery Krakin Download link:
[map has not been submitted to halomaps yet] Special thanks to Noob Saibot for beta testing the map for me and giving me the idea to mod this map. He did not record anything this time.