Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 42: rainbow-road-v3

Author: TapeCity
I had to mute the sound again because of music and there is a goof in the movie makeing process. The gauss hog crashes into the scorpion and insted of moving the tank out of the way. I end up falling off the track. Today's map is rainbow-road-v3 The Map was made by: ESF~Bladez Description: A Rainbow Road varient with Hunters and lots of vehicles. Game types: Slayer and race only Weapons Flamethrower Fuel Rod Gun Fragmentation Grenades Plasma Grenades Needler Nuke launcher (don't use the scope!) Plasma Claws Rocket Launcher Sniper Rifle Vehicles M12 Warthog M12A2 Warthog M808 Scorpion Ghost Banshee Shade Gun Turret (devmode only) Banshee Mod: Has a passenger seat (devmode only) M12G1 Warthog: Fast (devmode only) Spector: Has speed boost (devmode only) Bulldog: Can't drive (devmode only) AI Hunters Download link: Special thanks to Noob Saibot for recording/re-recording the weapons.