Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode %d: Tape_City_legend_of_fs

Author: TapeCity
(I am still working the bugs out of this map) Today's map is Tape_City_legend_of_fs
The Map was made by: Tape City Description: A recreation of a dream I had minus the FS (you guess what it is. if right the name of video will change) Game types: all work but slayer is best, KOTH is buggy but nothing that will cause an exception Weapons
Halo 1 Fragmentation Grenades
Halo 1 Plasma Grenades Reach DMR Halo 1 Plasma Rifle Halo 1 Plasma Pistol Halo 1 Sniper Rifle Big Sniper 2 Reach Assualt Rifle benelli shotgun Halo 2-3 Pistol
Hkusp BarretM107 sniper rifle Halo 2 CMT Brute Spiker Halo 2 SMG buggy Halo 2 Covenant Carbine Halo 2 CMT Battle Rifle with grenade launcher Halo 1 Brute Plasma Rifle
Halo 3 Brute Mauler
Ninja Sword
Ma2b Assualt Rifle
Needle Rifle
Halo 2 Beam Rifle
Rf Railgun
Buggy Halo 2 Brute shot
Buggy Halo 2 Flak Cannon
Buggy Flash Bang Grenades
Halo 3 Rocket launcher
Halo 1 Flamethrower
Pancor Jackhammer Auto Shotgun Vehicles
Needler Ghost
Fuel Rod Ghost
Ravhog (I fixed the gun turret so it animates [by accident])
Gauss Hog
Stealth Wraith AI
NONE for now... Scenery
Obelisk with teleporters (teleporters dont work) A control room was discoverd but looks like it who ever was here is long gone.
Download link:
NO LINK YET (still working out bugs)