Halo Custom Edition Maps Epiaode 26 (edited for halomaps)

Author: TapeCity
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( )
Edited for halomaps (loug logo sound still on credits) Today's map is Chronopolis_C3_public_beta0.2
The Map was made by: Jahrain Description: A commercialized subsection of downtown New Hiroshima, Japan, most famous for there scientific research labs for time travel and beautiful banks and office buildings Game types: Slayer and CTF are best but oddball may be fun too. King of the hill and race work. Weapons
Halo 2 M7 SMG
Assualt rifle
Plasma rifle mod: Rate of fire is faster.
Rocket launcher mod: Only 1 rocket per round but you have twice as many ammo clips.
Plasma Pistol
Revolver Magnum
Fuel rod gun
Siper rifle
Plasma grenades
Halo 2 Fragmentation Grenades Vehicles
Halo 2 Bulldog: You can do tricks!
M12 Warthog Mod: Has a horn and a custom crashing sound
M12A2 Warthog: classic
M808 Scorpion: classic (set game settings for it to spwan)
Ghost: classic (set game settings for it to spwan)
Banshee: classic (set game settings for it to spwan) Scenery: Ramps for those who want to do a stunt or 2 with the bulldogs, some shields and breakable windows. Download link:
Special thanks to Noob Saibot for recording the sniper rifle, pistol and rocket launcher for me.