Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 81: No_Remorse_ce_ai_V2

Author: TapeCity
Today's map is No_Remorse_ce_ai_V2 The Map was made by: [map maker] Description: Game types: All work but slayer is best, Avoid race, KOTH and CTF. Weapons Halo 3 Battle Rifle Halo 3 Spartan Laser Halo 3 Bubble Shield Halo 3 Brute Shot (can't pick up) Halo 2 Energy Sword Halo 1 Sniper Halo 1 Plasma Rifle Halo 1 Frag Grenade Halo 1 Plasma Grenade Vehicles NONE AI: Halo 1 Special opps elites Halo 3 (BETA) Spartans Scenery Same as the original map. Download link: