Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 37: lava_base_rpg1

Author: TapeCity
Had to mute the desert eagle bacause of music in that clip Today's map is lava_base_rpg1
The Map was made by: krispy1001 Description: A large base surrounded by lava with lots of places to hide. It has lava that will kill you even in devmode! Has custom weapons and vehicles. This map is also the first map that has working assualt boats that dont kill you or bug out. Game types: All work well. best for slayer, CTF and roll playing. Weapons
Rocket Launcher
Frag Grenades
Plasma Grenades
Sniper Rifle Shotgun Assault Rifle
Desert Eagle
M4 Masterkey
Famas Assault rifle
Brute Shot
Energy Sword
m16a2-m203 grenadier rifle
m8281.50 cal sniper rifle Vehicles
Halo 1 M12 Warthog
Halo 3 Hornet
Halo 1 Rocket Warthog Turret
Halo 1 M808 Scorpion Halo 1 Heavy Scorpion
Halo 1 M12 BoatHog (that works without killing you and doing crazy things) Scenery
There is the usual RPG base scenery. Download link:
Special thanks to Noob Saibot for recording the halo clips for me.