Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 17: Yoyorast Island V2 (Full Episode)

Author: TapeCity
This is the replacemant for Episode 17. The new episode has the missing clip problem solved and picture quality should be better too. Today's map is Yoyorast Island V2
The Map was made by: Yoyorast Description: an updated verson to Yoyorast island with lots of new features. Game types: Works best for race game types and CTF. Slayer and oddball are also a lot of fun. Weapons
Sniper Rifle
Assualt Rifle
Fuel Rod Gun
Plasma Pistol
Rocket launcher
Plasma Rifle
Fragmentation Grenades
Plasma Grenades
Halo 3 Spartan Laser with Halo 1 hud
Gold Sniper Rifle: Hidden, something about the projectiles but I don't know what it is. Vehicles
Halo 2 Yoyo hog: A warthog that has 3 passenger seats where the gun turret was. Great for team races! Has a horn.
Ghost: classic
M12 Warthog: Has a horn.
Halo 2 Mongoose: Has a horn and a gunner seat.
Banshee: classic. Spwans in slayer games only.
M808 Scorpion: classic. Spwans in slayer games only.
M12 Warthog turret: The gun turret from the m12 warthog
M12 A2 Warthog: Has a horn. (video clip is missing, sorry) Scenery/Other stuff
Lots of good sniping spots.
Gates to block others from killing you or scoreing a lap.
Panic Shields to keep you safe from snipers and to trap flag thieves.
Custom Decals (you have to see it for your self) Download link:
Special thanks to Noob saibot for recording the original video clips for the old one.