Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 80: debris-field-zodiac

Author: TapeCity
Today's map is debris-field-zodiac
The Map was made by: iron clad Description: covenant ships engaged the unsc fleet in the midst of an asteroid field. all UNSC transmissions were cut off before the end of the battle, leaving no ending report. the unsc has deployed you, a spartan, to explore the battleground. Game types: All work well. CTF and Slayer are best. Oddball is interesting too. Weapons
Plasma Pistol
Halo 2 SMG
Assualt Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Fragmentation Grenades
Plasma Grenades Vehicles
NONE Scenery
Searph, Phantom, Pelican, Longsword, Draco, Droppod, Grav lifts. Download link: