Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 137: floodgulchmodtest

Author: TapeCity
Today's map is floodgulchmodtest
The Map was made by: [123]123 Description: A floodgulch mod. Game types: I only tested slayer due to a fraps problem at the time this movie was made.
(Movie made around 12/27/12) Weapons
Remington 870 Shotgun
Halo 3 Tactile Battle Rifle
Halo 3 Silenced SMG: (something is bugged)
M24 Sniper Rifle
Halo 1 Flamethrower
Halo 1 Rocket Launcher
Halo 1 Fuel Rod Gun
Halo 3 Fragmentation Grenades
Red Plasma Grenades
Pistol from ???? Video Game Vehicles
Halo 3 Banshee
Halo 1 Ghost (devmode only?)
Halo 2 Flamehog: Has a horn
Yoyorast Island Warthog: has a horn
CMT Wraith Scenery
Stormy Sky and sounds not to mention that blood gulch is flooded Download link: