Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 138: extinction_ai_nightfight

Author: TapeCity
Today's map is extinction_ai_nightfight
The Map was made by: Mysterion Description: An Extinction varient with AI Bots - Covenant Elite (Red) vs. Marines (Blue) Game types: ment for solo play but it works for multiplayer. if miltiplayer then slayer is best, CTF is hard given the flag locations. Weapons
Halo 2 Sniper Rifle
Assualt Rifle (classic)
Halo 2 SMG
Homing Rocket Launcher
Shotgun (classic)
Fragmentation Grenades
Plasma Grenades
Sniper Rifle
Big Sniper
Fuel Rod Gun
Plasma Rifle
Halo 2 Beam Rifle (scope is exception prone)
Needler (you have to kill the guntower elites to get) Vehicles
T51 Skyhawk Jet
M41 Gun Turret
Shiva Longsword (bigger nuke)
M12A2 Warthog
M12G1 Warthog
M808 Scorpion
Searph (only 1 is flyable and is very slow)
Fuel Rod Ghost
Brute Ghost: Has speed boost (fireing sound is messed up)
Gun Tower (the projectiles are buggy but work)
Halo 2 Shade (good luck getting in one)
Specter AI
Elite Majors
Marines Scenery
Most scenery was removed to make room for the AI Download link: