Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 140: extinction

Author: TapeCity
I had promised Noob he could record this map when it was picked by the map generator. But when the map was picked the Newtown School shooting was still fresh in our minds. When I contacted him for recording he said that he had quit Halo because of the shooting. He now plays Minecraft. Same thing for his buddy Smoke but he may start playing Halo again soon. Today's map is extinction
The Map was made by: (DA)Ender Description: The UNSC cruiser hovering above Hotzone, the 'Genocide' was shot down by the Covenant. Game types: All work, Slayer and CTF are best. KOTH, oddball are hard to play, Race will take a while to win. Weapons
SR55 Nyegen Pistol
Halo 2 Sniper Rifle
Halo 2 SMG
SG14 Sniper Rifle
Coldsnap Sniper
Homing Rocket Launcher
C58 Phoenix Shotgun
M80667 Silenced Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle
Big Sniper
Halo 2 Homing Flak Cannon
Plasma Rifle
Plasma Grenades
Fragmentation Grenades
Halo 2 Beam Rifle
Plasma Pistol
Fuel Rod Gun
MA2D Assualt Rifle Vehicles
Brute Ghost: With Speedboost
Fuel Rod Ghost Phantom Pelican Passenger Warthog M13C2 Warthog M12G1 Warthog Scarab Mythos Seraph Gun Tower Longsword T-51 Skyhawk Jet Spectre: Has Speed Boost
M808 Scorpion Scenery
various scenery from various maps. Download link: