Let's Play Halo Custom Edition Multiplayer with Dr. Will! Episode 1, Part 1

Author: drwill439
Basically, this is gonna be a series of me playing Halo Custom Edition online. For those of you who don't know what HCE is, it's basically a customizable version of the original Halo for the PC.
Also, please bear with me for the time being. My capture software is only a trial, so the framerate on the gameplay is pretty sorry. Also, for some weird reason, my Youtube account wont let me upload more than 20 MB at a time, so for right now, I'm gonna be doing each episode in parts to get the whole video out. The first part is always gonna be 6 and a half minutes, then I'll figure out the rest frome there.
EDIT: Apparently, my part 2 won't convert, which kinda sucks. I guess we'll have to wait a while...