Halo CE - Lumoria Episode 1 [HD] [1/3]

Author: StormUndBlackbird
I admit, this map got my attention a little bit too late (a year to be infact). But after a suggestion for this, I've now opened my sights on this, Lumoria Episode 1. Favoured by many, this map's sequel was anticipated for a year also but is supposedly still in its WIP state. So to ready myself for that phenomenal moment, I shall review and attempt to complete this map. I hope you enjoy this, as I have not with Brandon e.e Author: TM Mapping Team Download: To get this map started, open dev-mode and run Halo CE. In the menu, type ~ or ^ (for EU keyboards) and type in: map_name(space)(name of the map in your map folder or list) map_name tmc_A_fixed