Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 108: hypothermia_v0.2

Author: TapeCity
This is my last upload for this year. I will return around 1/14/13 with MORE Halo Custom Edition Maps and when I do, I will also be doing a quality control check. Today's map is hypothermia_v0.2
The Map was made by: KiLLa Description: A snow coverd u-shaped canyon with some halo 2 and 3 weapons. Game types: all work well but slayer and CTF are best. Weapons
Halo 2 Battle Rifle
Treehouse Starting Weapon (tell me what this weapon is!)
Assualt Rifle (buggy hud)
Fragmentation Grenades
Plasm Grenades
Plasma Pistol
Needler mod: faster rate of fire
Plasma Rifle mod: faster rate of fire
Halo 2 Beam Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Brute Plasma Rifle (devmode only)
Fuel Rod Gun (devmode only, buggy hud)
Sniper Rifle Vehicles
Needler Shade
Civi Hog: Has a horn
Snow Hog: has a horn and wont slip on ice.
Halo 3 Gauss Hog: Has a horn.
Halo 2 Ghost; Has Speed boost
Halo 2 Mongoose: has a horn and shoot and drive. Scenery
None Download link: