A30 beta test gameplay - 123éæåäå

Author: crazy123hce
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影片我錄製 Record by me This is A30 Halo Beta map Gameplay
so no DOWNLAOD link!
這是地2關 Halo 未完成測試版(自製)
所以沒有載點! Removed 移除
-Grunt's body can't destroy anymore Added 新增
+Better Sniper rifle effect
+Spartan Laser
+Ar new fire effect (??
+Ester egg (secret not shown in video)
+Handheld turret Some feature idea 一些新的主義
Auto turret
More enemy in this level
New scripts
and more... 頭香文與伸手文請退散 也請不要回覆垃圾留言等等
請各位觀眾配合! -Taiwan123雙戟