Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 33: mudslide_INSANE

Author: TapeCity
This video is to replace the old episode 33. This replacement video is to fix an issue with the old episode. The issue was that there was a secondary fire for the stumper rifle. Today's map is: mudslide_INSANE
The Map was made by: CABOOSE2 Description: A Mudslide mod with a TON of weapons and custom vehicles. Game types: Slayer and CTF work best. Dual TM-14 ak 47 Halo 3 Battle Rifle Benelli Shotgun Halo 2 Beam Rifle Blastor Bomb Halo 2 Brute Plasma Rifle Halo 2 Brute shot C4 (hidden) Colt 1911 Halo 2 Duel Magnum Halo 2 Flak Cannon Gernades Halo 1 rocket launcher Halo 3 assult rifle Halo 3 pistol KG9 I82 M14 M16 M60 M600 Ma2b Assult Rifle Magnum MM-hkusp-H (usp) MM-ma2dar mp5ks msg 90 Mx8 Rifle (human) P90 P226 plasma and SMG dual Railgun SG-14 sniper SMACH SMG turret gun (UMT) M12 Chaingun Walther PPK needle gernade (not working, plasma grenade insted)
Desert eagle .50 Halo 2 Brute Spiker (devmode only)
Halo 1 Shotgun with scope (devmode only)
Halo 2 Dual Smgs
Halo 2 SMG Pistol Combo
Stumper Rifle Vehicles
Mongoose ATV Halo 2 Artic Transhog Ravhog: m12 with treads
Doozy: halo 2 cutting room floor
Bulldog: check vehicle settings for it to spwan Scenery
Furniture and vending machines in both red and blue bases. Download link:
Special thanks to Noob Saibot for recording some weapons and re-recording others on the original video