CMT SPV3 Mini-Vid: The Wraith

Author: t3hlag
Wowee, it's been more than three years since the original Wraith hijack animation video was posted. ( ) And it has almost 60k views for mystery reasons??? A lot of people put a lot of hard work into the team to make this thing a reality since then. Yes, that's boarding (though sadly we're not yet using the great system developed by ChokingVictim for Open Sauce), and yes, that's a real EMP effect (developed by Kirby using Open Sauce's new scripting commands). It's been a while since I posted anything CMT-related to my channel so if you've been out of the loop since the A50 release, go check out the announcement of our next map, The Silent Cartographer (Evolved)! ( ) Hopefully more quick videos like this will be coming soon to showcase other stuff that our people have been putting together.