[H2SPP] A Change in Direction

Author: kirby422
We know how much everyone cares about the Arbiter and Flood. This Glorious April Day, we're proud to announce our change in direction towards Arbiter and Flood, completely ignoring Delta Halo. All those times Masterz said that we weren't interested in the arbiter, he was trolling you. When he posts in CMT threads that nobodies working on flood, hes lying right to your faces! Everything is dropped for the sake of completing this ArbyJuggy project. Hours of painstaking progress has went into replicating them with full functionality. Watch as an arbiter hop into a warthog, gun you down with their turrets, even take a tank for a spin. Watch the Juggernaut's roars of awesomeness as they beat you down with the force of 500 men.