Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 144: hogracing_night

Author: TapeCity
Today's map is hogracing_night
The Map was made by: Hamar Skald / -JR-Pongo Description: Same as hogracing_day but it is at night. Game types: All game types work but it works best for race. Weapons...
Assault Rifle Pistol
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Rifle
Fuel Rod Gun
XM8 Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher
XM8 Plasma Assault Rifle with Fuel Rod Launcher Vehicles
M12 Warthog Mod: Yellow, fast and has a horn.
M12A2 Warthog Mod: Red, fast and had a horn.
Mongoose: Fast, has a horn and you can shoot your weapons and throw grenades while driving.
M808 Scorpion: A little faster.
Specter: Has speed boost! (Press left CTRL to use)
Doombuggie: Fast. Scenery: Various pipes from Pipedream and some other custom scenery. Download link: